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Karbin Behbord Company
Karbin Behbord Company is active in the field of Design and Production of Modular Partition Walls and Office Furniture. This company has put at his top agenda offering service to its customers via conducting continues studies and researches in order to identify the potential and actual needs of customers and to respond their needs in time and with a high quality.
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Behbord Series
Soft Bhbrd series of internal and external structures for integrated design strength is very high And the destruction of part of the job for various reasons not to damage the overall structure. This group of products suitable spaces that are Karbyn Bhbrd strength And appearance to the displacement of successive priority.
Karbin Series
Another feature of the overall series combines beautiful Karbyn that the wall percussion work in space Up view of glass walls and partitions made of MDF without the visual display double Caribbean series production with a view to combining the technical advantages of modern office furniture groups and the classic look Some of the managers was designed and produced.
Beta Series
Series of double beta only partition that despite the separation of structures of fillers as well as functionality and features Modular system retains customer during installation space is by no means cutting what the structure According to market surveys, conducted interviews and surveys of applicants buy partitions It was double the market for us, made it clear that buyers partition Double-glazed glass
Alpha Series Bachelor
A simple minimalist design in all parts of the office furniture, including our professional and expert desks, enables us to meet the changing needs of the customer. According to the design style, in the first stage, after receiving the customer’s requirements by the designer group and providing the proposed designs, in the case of customer approval, the order is made and installed at the customer’s premises.
Alpha Series Management Tables
There have been various views on the design of the desks, and the researchers are trying to come up with a general theory about the design and layout of the desks and conferences, but this has not been the case. And the reasons for that have been the managers, the different beliefs and the different age and cultural backgrounds, The management space is just as diverse as the number of employees in a space, just like the office space.
Tablet and Library of the Beta
A set of management desks along with a desk cabinet file, the Beta series libraries are still trying to maintain the main characteristics of the products of the manufacturing group, which includes keeping the minivan style and eliminating the additional elements that cause design turmoil, as well as speeding up production and installation. Ease of change. The special design of the management tables of the group.
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